PVBC Distinctives

These are the values that may or may not make us distinct from other local churches. If you do not understand, please feel free to visit, e-mail, or call us for an explanation.

1. The Sufficiency of Scripture. Scripture gives the clearest revelation of God today.

2. The Absolute Sovereignty of God. God alone deserves glory.

3. Jesus Christ alone can save! Biblical conversion as explained in Romans 8:29-30.

4. God centered, doctrinally sound, Christ exalting singing.

5. Missional Approach - Love God, Love others.

6. Biblical Discipleship. Transformed, Spirit empowered followers of Jesus.

7. Age Integration in the Church, Family Discipleship and Hospitality in the Home.

9. The Importance of Membership in The Local Church - Accountability and belonging.

10. Biblical Manhood/Womanhood

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