No Staffed Nursery? What's up with that?

One unique thing you'll notice about Pleasant View is that there are no "Staffed Nurseries" during our main worship gathering. Don't panic, there are nursery and parenting rooms available but they are not staffed. Parents or adult guardians are welcome to use these rooms if a child gets restless or fussy in such a way that they are becoming a distraction to those around you. The rooms are equipped with speakers so you can listen in on the service while you are there.

Remember, our desire is to be age-integrated. We aren't expecting a child to be perfect. A few sounds and noises are expected. Our joy and desire is to see children participate in our services. Our goal as parents should be child training. Use our rooms to feed infants or discipline children when needed and then join us again in the service. Children absorb more than you think under the teaching of God's Word. They also notice how God is working and impacting Dad and Mom.

It may be helpful to bring a coloring book and crayons or a sketch pad to help as you disciple and train your child.

Click here to read a great article about Age Integration from John Piper